Essay On Disability Define Me

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Does a Disability Define Me? It doesn’t. Why should it? A Disability is something that shouldn’t make you feel like you are microscoped from the other 3.5 billion people on this planet and you are known to have a label on your forehead saying “ I’m Disabled” and then you find out that people are not giving you the respect you deserve. The term itself shouldn’t have to be imposed on something so negative and it's time to make people realize that just because they merely have a disadvantage when it comes to certain tasks and by the way for those people putting so much harsh on those who are different, disabled people are quite successful. There is so many reasons on why people who are disabled that get the little respect they need so dearly, are being described as having less than ideal physical or mental characteristics. The majority of people getting describintized for the person you whether they might have a learning disability or…show more content…
It upsets me that every single day some people who might have something little strange about them then everyone else is singled out for being known as “Different”. Why should being different be something that so unusual and why should we define someone as “autistic” when they are all the same human characteristics that a normal human have. Maybe being different contains a small spark into one individual that lets them shine through whatever takes them down and if you didn’t know by now, but words hurt. They are like little pebbles of rocks being thrown at us showing such a negative impact that deepens within us that can lead into a lifetime of fear and memory of criticism from someone else that will run
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