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The star basketball player could score multiple shots, but instead gives the basketball to their teammates. The basketball player is showing the true nature of the meaning humble. Would anyone give up their fame to being the star of the team? Most players would love the opportunity of being the center of attention in their sport. People do not understand and cannot see clearly that being humble is a difficult characteristic to obtain. According to the etymology dictionary humble was first introduced in the late 14th century; it meant to bend, kneel or bow. Then, in the late 15th century to lower someone's indignity (Douglas). In both of these centuries, it had a negative connotation and is misunderstood by the word. Consequently, in the dictionary definition, humble means not overly proud, not self-assertive (Humble Dictionary Definition). People are blinded by the truth of the word humble. People are deceived by the world, making people feel worthless if they do not share their accomplishment. While accounting for their wealth and are famous to the surrounding people and the world. Some people for example like my brother achieved tremendous…show more content…
While allowing one to be genuine and altruistic. One way to understand the meaning of being humble is volunteering. Being able to volunteer allows a person to open up and become helpful, just like Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa made an unexpected move, and she chose to live in the poorest part of her city in order to care of the sick and terminally ill. Mother Teresa chose to help save those people while others did not care what happened to them. Mother Teresa was selfless and generous in doing this, action (Examples of Humility ¶3).What people do not detect, is humbleness, contributes to patients, and being grateful for what one has right now. It may be arduous for people to do, but it is not

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