Definition Essay On Book Searching

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Something that I think about a lot is searching for books. Not necessarily finding a book to read, but the process of searching for one in a bookstore, online, in the library, or any other place one may go to find a book. The amount of variety and uncertainty that I observe in people when they go to search for a book is fascinating. It seems to me that most people don’t know what they are searching for when they go book hunting; and those that do know what they are looking for rarely leave with what they came to get. For example, someone will go to find a book, perhaps because they are bored, but they won’t have a specific genre in mind. They’ll search and search until something interesting is eventually found, and then they’ll claim their…show more content…
Surely one can’t find it so hard to find a single book?’. Yet, even as I wonder this, I, myself will go out to a bookstore or the local library and proceed to do exactly as the people described above have. Such is the phenomenon that struck my initial interest, and dug its claws in deep. After making these observations I went to several family members and close friends and asked for their opinion on the matter. The answers I got were mostly boiled down to “What I pick during my time searching for a book all depends on my mood at that moment,” and “I pick based on interest. Sometimes the original book I’m searching for becomes something that I don’t want to read by the time I arrive to get it, so I choose something else that I know I’ll enjoy much more.”. Those answers told me that the process of choosing a book is largely dependent on a person’s emotions at the time of the choosing. Now armed with some basic knowledge on the subject, I returned to my observing people in hopes that somehow I would suddenly understand what exactly happens in the process of book choosing. Alas, it was all for nothing, because while I had a small idea of what might be going through these people 's minds, I didn’t actually have the slightest clue. There were simply too many people who had their own thoughts and emotions that I didn’t know of, thus making it impossible for an educated guess or answer to be
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