Definition Essay On Chivalry

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Chivalry, in definition, means to behave in an honorable way towards someone. Chivalry isn’t likely a word used much anymore. In the 21st Century, everyone just calls it manners. Chivalry states back to the medieval days when knights followed this as a lifestyle. Some of our generation followed in their footsteps, but many just stopped caring. Donald Trump, the next United States president, believes that chivalry is on the verge of death. The reason for this is because people don’t believe in the “War on Women”. What this means is an expression to restrict women’s rights. Some agree that women shouldn’t be able to vote for parties or other laws and restrictions. This explains why many guys aren’t chivalrous anymore. Most guys just don’t care if they’re nice to a girl or not, and others may think it’s a waste of time to hold a door for someone. It’s just insane. Some people still do believe in chivalry. Many mothers raise their children to do that kind of act, and the reason many of them do most is holding the door for someone not able or a girl. Sharing an umbrella is a very chivalrous act, even if you do get wet for a few seconds. If you’re a good guy, you wouldn’t care if you got wet. Doing this usually makes your relationship stronger. One that makes complete sense is to let the girl order…show more content…
The girls have gotten so use to it that many girls want to do everything themselves. A few will actually get mad at you for buying their food, or paying for the movie tickets, and even the popcorn. A large amount of them may just want a ride home, and one in a while, sometimes a compliment. The information that sounds idiotic is that a pot load of girls think that a guy is automatically nice, because they act like the nicest guy in the world to impress them. A bunch of girls falls for this, because they’re flattered by your eyes, muscles, hair style, or even the ways you
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