Reaction Paper About Common Sense

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My definition of common sense is to be able to draw from past and present knowledge while still being able to evaluate the circumstances for what could create the best outcome. I do believe common sense is pretty natural in all humans, no matter where or how they have grown up. I also believe that given each person's natural giftings there are some matters that make ones common sense more valuable than others. This is why being open to other ideas is important because if each person is so stuck in the idea that they always know best, and of course no one ALWAYS knows best, then sometimes common sense may be overridden by pride. This is why I don’t believe that that my common sense is so difficult to overrule. While I may be stubborn at times,…show more content…
The scientific evidence would have to do with something about how the brain is wired and that when someone is trying to ignore the truth they actually have no idea like we would like to believe we do. The evidence would have to be on a biological evidence and that would change the way I think about my experience. If a study came out and said that all it was a result based off of observation I don't think I would fully buy in at all. In reality though, I know a lot of the studies and reasons for what happened to me and my family while living with and denying, and then realizing my father's addiction because this is part of what my parents have taught us as our family has healed. My parents did an excellent job at making sure to at least treat me, because I was old enough, like an adult and educated me on how this has affected me and all of the other things that come with growing up with a parent as an addict. So for the most part I don’t think I’d really believe anyone saying the opposite from what I have learned because there is so much supporting my belief
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