Definition Essay On Community Service

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Community Service
What Community Service means to me is that you are providing jobs for an organization who wanted you to completed the jobs that has been assign to you and needs to be done in a timely manner . The organization will reward you with Community Service hours for graduation requirement or if you are in National Junior Honor Society you're need more community service hour than the rest of the high schoolers but for non NJHS members in order to graduation you need to have at least 20 hour of Community service hours. I have completed the community services hour by 27 hours of Community service that is on my high school transcript and hoping for more before the end of my senior year.I think the importance of community service is what are you doing to help change the community in a positive way. The community Service activity that I had an opportunity was to volunteering to donate my time to help pass out dinners to the resident at a local senior facility in do so
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When we finally find the person who was in charge of serving the residents we need to help the staff members and after that next we need to go to set up the there dinning room so half of us when with the staff member once we set up all three dining rooms we were ready to take the food from the kitchens and carefully carried the trays of food to the tables where the residents ate with their families and then we help clean up all three dinning room said good bye to staff members and they said we will you be back ?and we said soon then we all went home
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