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Compassion means a lot of different things to many different people. To me, compassion is showing kindness to another person. It can be small like listening to someone when no one else will. Or, it could be something huge like risking your life for another person. Compassion is being kind to someone when they are in distress. It is something that is important to the existence of our species. When you show compassion, you shouldn 't expect something in return. You do it because you want to help. Compassion is a human right that has affected many people, even though we do not fully understand it.

In the quote, Elie Wiesel is talking about compassion. He is talking about compassion because he wants people to know how important it is. Elie learned that people are often
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My next example of compassion is something that I witnessed. Last year, we had a false alarm A.L.I.C.E. drill at our school. In order to get to a place that we knew would be safe for us to be, we had to go down a rocky path that was also going down a short hill. Seventh graders and eighth graders got down the path easily, but we knew that the little kids would have trouble. So, when the little kids reached the start of the path, four eighth graders lined up on the sides of the path to help the kids down. This impacted many people. First, the little kids didn’t fall while going down the hill. Second, we were all amazed by the act of compassion. Third, I am pretty sure that those four eighth graders were glad that they did the right thing.

Compassion is definitely a human right. Everyone deserves compassion, no matter who they are. It is right to show compassion to everyone. When people are going through a tough time in their life, compassion can help them through it. Even the richest, stingiest people deserve to be shown compassion. It never feels good the watch people suffer. It gives you a weird feeling that makes you want to help. We need to show compassion to one
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