Causes Of Creativity

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Ten letters one word. It seems simple but what lies behind its meaning it is much more than a ten letters one word. We may have heard thousand meanings of creativity but where does creativity guide us in trying to understand our own developments of creativity? For what I realized, creativity, this impressive function of our human mind, might help us primarily find creative solutions to our own problems.

Creativity is a natural skill that everyone has within himself. It is a gift that has been made by nature and by our genes. Everyone has some particularities that led him to dedicate himself to a particular form of creativity, such as, some people have the gift of a musical ear (the ability to intuitively learn or appreciate music), those who
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Then finding it again can turn out to be really challenging. Therefore, we might ask ourselves what are those things that get in the way of us being creative. There are number of reasons that causes the disappearance of our own creativity such as, being thoughtful all the time, not living at the presence, but as I grow older, I have noticed that the first cause is the conditioning of the cultural and social mind set. We live in a world of rules and we are conditioned by everything that surrounds us consequently it is hard to live our own lives according to our desire or…show more content…
Mainly through education from parents or others. Many things get removed from us, and removed early on, not just because of what others says but what we feel about what they say. We are branded early in our lives that our talents have gone unused; consequently we start wondering what we are missing. Growing up, we suppress those judgments that others have made about us and this lead us crushing our own creative aspirations. What this means, is that we are taught what do to, what not to do, how and what to think, and what not to think. In little words – we are the reflection of others and not ourselves. So how do we create when a part of us is blocked?

Well, there is a simple practical suggestion, which focuses on the importance of the game in the creative process. Bruno Munari, in one of his books "Da cosa nasce cosa" (1981), defines the creative process as the path that, through numerous steps, goes from the definition of a problem to the solution of the
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