Definition Essay On Democracy

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“Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy,” said Benito Mussolini. By the time one enters the third grade they become aware of concept of democracy. Specifically in America, one is taught that they live in a democratic society. When asking what is democracy, the answer is never truly defiente. The answers given may be; a society where everyone votes, or by dictionary definition “a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of the state; typically through elected representation.” However when analyzing the etymology of the word democracy we come to find out that demos means the people and kratia means rule or power in greek. As stated in the article “The Problem with Democracy Today,” contrary to other political institutions who holds the power is not clearly stated “if the regime is a…show more content…
Castoriadis was a greek-french philosopher who believed that the true version of democratic society is one in which Autonomy is practiced. This refers to the idea of removing the political hierarchy and making our own rules and institutions that we all agreed upon. For this is what he considers a true democracy. In present day he believes that western civilizations or places like America reside in a liberal oligarchy. A liberal oligarchy is referred to as an system that is governed by a few people. If one was to truly think about the terms we use to define the American political system, one would come to realize that this may be a more accurate definition. If America was a true democracy everyone would rule and govern themselves or everyone would be able to have choice in the decision that are made. In today’s society people are given the false idea that they have a say in the policies and laws that are created and even the power to pick their representatives. As it relates to education we should go to schools and learn things that foster our interest and promote individual
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