Definition Essay On Dreams

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Dreams are very much necessary for every person in this World. Only when there is a dream one will know in which direction to move forward. That helps to have an ambition in life and set goals to reach. Without these goals one can never achieve anything great in life. Without these dreams one will be following an invisible shadow in life. Big ones or small ones, most of us have dreams. Coming to think of it, every successful person will be in a place where they are today only because they had strong dreams. Dream makes a person’s life interesting; otherwise he will feel monotony in life and feel bored and tired quickly. Dreams help in giving a purpose in life so that one will be motivated to work hard towards it. The tiredness and monotony gets automatically removed and keeps in full vigour.
One important thing to be kept in mind is the enormous responsibility
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But the question ‘why do we dream?’ still remains unanswered. The number of theories, our researchers provide from Psychiatry, Psychology and Neurology prove that dreams can be associated to ‘n’ number of reasons. The stress, biological changes, certain medication, either or all of these, can be the reasons for dreams. Freud said that whether we intend or not we are all poets. He says dreams are the poems we say unto ourselves at night to experience our unconscious wishes as real. Psychologist Carl Jung believes the dreams are the window into the unconscious mind. Though the person (dreamer) while sleeping, the unconscious mind is working on finding solutions to problems they face in their conscious state. Dreams that are dreamt in the deepest part of the sleep, mostly, has a significance to life. There are some common dreams that occur to most dreamers, like, falling down, floating in the sky, someone or something chasing, being nude, etc. Researchers say that most of the dreamers have had such experiences, may be with minor
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