Definition Essay On Equality

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Equality. What is equality? Have a quick think about that. The dictionary says: the state or quality of being equal. But what does this actually mean to you and today in society?

I have another definition of equality. Talking to people that you might not really know, always being kind, helping someone out whenever they need help, instead of judging someone based on their physical appearance, sexual orientation, gender or skin colour.

This whole entire world has lots of positive and negative sides. Equality is something that is very important these days and a topic that lots of people talk about. In the past there are lots of things that have happened that have not always been positive, this is also the case right now. Everything we do and
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Many years ago there were slaves in America and Africa and other many other places. These people that were slaves were mainly black folks. People in society back then knew that black people looked different but that way assumed they were different so thought it was justified for them to be labeled as slaves. Also, women were not allowed to vote because people thought that we as women were ‘less than men’. Slavery took a whole civil war to end and the discrimination of gender took a couple of hundreds of years and the suffragettes and a few tough women for it all to end. In this time Europe also had to change there political system for people to be happy and to live a good and happy…show more content…
It de-motivates people and also their self confidence. They start to think, am I right? Am I good enough for this world? Can I do any better? How should I change? People are not supposed to change because others around them are discriminating them and making them less confident. They are themselves and they are not supposed to change for one individual that decides to discriminate and hurt them. A quick example is the U.S. The police there kill black people with little consequences thinking they are black so they must have done something wrong. These black people are given the blame more than white even though they are completely innocent. Also, police kill lots of refugees at the border with mexico which are innocent
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