Definition Essay On Fear

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Fear is a powerful emotion that dictates many choices made within our life, whether we choose to hide, run away, or face what scares us, our lives in present day have fear embedded in it. Anxiety rises at the most minute things and our heart starts to skip beats. Fear is quick to rise and hard to get rid of, and it is something that will dictate a major part of our life. Fear is usually defined as an uncomfortable feeling that usually arises when we feel threatened or if something scares us. Fear is an emotion that doesn’t elude scientists, who have pin pointed the amygdala as the reason for why we can feel fear. According to Rob Dunn in What Are You So Scared Of? Saber-Toothed Tiger, Snakes, and Carnivorous Kangaroos, he links fear and anxiety with our prehistoric ancestors and their attempts at survival from predators. Dunn correlates our responses when scared to self defense mechanisms of our ancestors. He links the reasons of fear with the attempts of running away from predators. That may have been true with our ancestors, but in our modern day and age, I believe that the reason we fear is based on fitting in with society and trying to become the perfect person. We fear what threatens our ‘survival’ in our society or what is unknown, like the mysterious monster under the…show more content…
It can also do the exact opposite and lead us directly to our death. Fear is a coin, that has an equal chance of doing both good and bad, and it has helped or harmed our ancestors, just as Dunn discussed. Now in modern day, fear has a broader extent and arises to thousands of different situations, not just from death causing situations. Fear is a balance, and with it, our world can spin, but the way it affects people changes, but fear itself is nothing to fear, it is what fear is made
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