Definition Essay On Freedom

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What is freedom? Is it an absolute right or is it something we can live without it? People born to be free. Throughout history freedom defined differently according to different cultures and different period of time. Freedom shows an alteration cultures to culture. The defines freedom as “the power to exercise choice and make decisions without constraint from within or without; autonomy; self-determination.”The freedom to dream, and the freedom to follow a dream is a matter of life and death, if a person wants to live a life that is complete and full in every dimension of that life. If someone is bereft of his/her freedom, s/he wouldn’t feel like an honourable human being. When freedom is guaranteed to the community, people can think and express themselves as what they want to without any suspicion.…show more content…
Freedom is the right to do what you want, is right to live where you want, is right to choose the religion that you want and freedom is right to eat, learn, drink what you want. There is one thing that limits our freedom: someone else’s freedom. According to a Boğaziçi University student Arda Seyhan, “We can live free by respecting other people’s freedom. We are living in a community which we all need people around us, we can not just ignore other’s freedom and do what we want to do for our freedom.” We should consider other people's rights. The main idea of freedom is to be respectful and helpful to the community. Freedom is not endless. Freedom should be limited in some circumstances for the benefits of the community. You can't just do whatever you want just saying that “I have freedom.” We can’t kill people, do things illegally. We can’t protest against the rules that determined by the community. For example, smoking is a right, but you can’t smoke in a shopping mall. We hear other people’s requests and needs. Yes, a person’s freedom ends where someone else’s rights
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