Definition Essay On Happiness And Wellbeing

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How do you know what truly makes you happy and what can you do to get to that level of content? This is a question majority of society sits and ponders on. Happiness is very subjective. For instant, you can have an individual who has one thing that makes them happy. Then that very same thing that makes them happy can make another individual very unhappy. Happiness and wellbeing have been two terms that creates confusion within society. For example, drugs and alcohol can be seen to bring certain people to a happy state of mind. Seeing it will lead to a short-term type of happiness with devastating consequences on the physical and mental aspect of a person that could very well lead them to being unhappy. In other words, when I refer to the term happiness I tend to mean a state of wellbeing in my case. People tend to go about their own ways…show more content…
According to Baumgardner and Crothers (2009), this concept states that an individual can do whatever he wants that could possibly down the road be pleasurable, this does not mean that it should be conducted at no cost. For example, I use to volunteer for several organizations to help others. By doing this, I can improve the well-being of myself by devoting my personal time to the surrounding communities Another example, the pursuit of knowledge by going through college makes me that much better of a person because I am capable as well as being relatively informed. In the end, happiness can be the simplest thing that is engulfing us. It is that very motivation that you can eat, walk, sleep just like everyone else. It is time for a lot of use to realize that we are happy because we have our parents and friends and that we are ordinary. I am not saying that those who are at the bottom of society are not happy. However, I would like to state that happiness is not difficult to find as everyone sees it to be. Just have to listen and

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