Definition Essay On Happiness

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Each individual approaches their own unique interpretation about the true meanings of any word or phrase. To many, success comes to those who truly desire greatness in the world. People are told at a young age that the main focus in life is to succeed into becoming someone great in the world. Success can be defined by many different perspectives. For some, success is achieved by the person’s social status; for others, success is defined by any accomplishment that brings happiness to their lives; yet for others, it’s determined by the attainment of popularity or wealth.
Those who explicate the meaning of success based by any accomplishment due to their social status, put their main focus on how someone is highly identified and known by others. To many, being remembered …show more content…

There are numerous things that can contribute to making someone happy. For example a family who is considered to be truly successful in life posses the qualities of a happy and blessed life, such as an honorable relationship within the family, good health, and positive moral support within the home. As for an individual, success can be achieved by overcoming any obstacle presented in life. Even though most hardships can bring pain or negativity, the most valuable lessons can come from failure. Like Dale Carnegie once stated, “Discouragement and failure are two of the most sure stepping stones to success.” From this standpoint some would base their success on the amount of time and effort dedicated to fulfilling any dream or challenge presented in life; and wanting to pursue anything that is of them can bring potential and integrity to any person and make them feel very successful, and independent. So from this point of view anyone who focuses on only accomplishing happiness around them is devoted on the idea that anything that brings joy and positivity to life can be considered a

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