Definition Essay On Happiness

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Definition of Happiness

let 's ask first: What do you mean happiness ?!
In a referendum held on about 16 thousand people, asked them what do you mean happiness?
- 38% said: Happiness means: love.
- 28% saw that happiness is: satisfaction.
- While 17% said: Happiness is: health.
- A 7%: that happiness is: marriage.
- A 5%: that happiness is: money.
- A 3%: that happiness is: children.
- A 2%: that happiness is: travel.
First: this may be expressed as is or singing or fun.
But happiness is something else.
That happiness: closest to the experience and expertise to adolescence and ignorance.
That happiness: closest to the advanced age of the older persons in which many of the joy of youth and strength.
Secondly: happiness in which many of the meaning,
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Yes, read that words again.If our goal is to achieve happiness then we will never be happy in this life.

Happiness is not the goal. The pursuit of happiness is an illusion. If we pursue happiness we will never reach it.

Until now we’ve thought about happiness as the destination. It’s not.

“Wait, what are you talking about?”

We have been told from everyone – parents, teachers, politicians, tv personalities, that the goal of our lives is to achieve happiness. It’s in the Declaration of Independence! Can Thomas Jefferson be wrong?

Yes, it’s everywhere. We are told time and time again that we must pursue happiness. We are told the goal of our lives is to be happy.

Yet how many of us are happy? Not many. Because we cannot pursue happiness. Let me rephrase, we can pursue happiness if we wish, but we’ll never get there. Our efforts will be futile. We know this because we have lived this. We are living this.

It’s time for us to develop a new concept of happiness. It’s time for us to redefine happiness because our current definition is just not working. No – it’s worse than that. Our current definition, of happiness as our goal/destination is simply wrong.

So what is happiness?

Happiness is a

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