Definition Essay On Happy Life

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Gerardo Our generation will end up living the life that they all want to have a happy life and the one question that some of us are asking our self is what success means to us. The only thing that matter in these world to define us is our own memory’s which is an important thing is life. I do not know who wrote the quote but I like this quote because it explain me in a curtain way. `maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it ‘s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.’’ Success to me is to have the dream job that you want to wake up for the rest of you’re living and a happy life but if you look at some of the rich people that is what success mean to them, but if you look at the way they got there some of the reasons are bad that become a positive instead of doing a bad thing in order to accomplish. Also as long as you face it and accomplish it because you want that…show more content…
They wanted to live but when they experience they are not up for the dream that it would be like to actually live it and they do not want to live it no more so they should just not even try to go after it if they do not want to live it in real life. When you are up for the challenge then do not try to go after your dream try not to dream big because there will be a big problem in order to succeed. I do not dream big for some reason because I let my life go with a flow because sometimes no matter how much you try you’ll be able to complete the task that they have gave or if you told yourself that there is not no way but if you look out side the box, there is a way to do it then put it in your brain and find the strength that way to accomplish it for yourself or do it for someone that you love a lot in your
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