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“Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary (Gerard Way).” Although, there is no right definition of heroism, there are several similar characteristic that all heroes have. Heroes can be anyone but what makes them different from the ordinary, strong and talented heroes is their attitude and the actions they take. True heroes never give up and they try their best to accomplish challenges. Heroism means putting others before oneself and taking the action when it is needed, even if people are against you. To begin with, heroes take action when it is needed. When help is needed, heroes don’t hesitate and they directly face the challenge. For example, Vincent Ardolino, a boat lifter, during the nine eleven attacks said “I am a kind of person that can’t stand by while others suffer (Boat Lift 9/11)”. As soon as Vincent knew about the accident on the twin towers, he took action without hesitation. This also shows that Vicent not only cares about himself, but it shows that he can help anyone, even if it is a un-known person. Similar to Vincent, Frederick Douglass is another…show more content…
Heroes put others before themselves and don’t think of how it might benefit themselves. Instead, they think about how their actions and decisions can affect and help other people. Lincoln is an example of a hero who fought for others before himself. Lincoln fought “ not for himself only, not for us only, but for all people in all their coming generations (Sb pg.68)” during the civil war. He is admired for his achievements and the challenges that he has overcome. In addition, Welles Crowther is another good example of a hero who puts others before himself. Welles didn’t hesitate and immediately thought about other people before himself. He sacrificed his life to help others. His traits are admirable and is a good example to follow. Heroes put other people’s needs before their

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