Definition Essay On Humility

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Humility Being humble is not easy. We are part of a generation where we exalt celebrities that are self-absorbed and the public often mimics this so called higher valued celebrities. It’s difficult to remain humble since society sees everything as a competition. We want what’s best for us, but we don’t care for others. If they do care about being humble, many do it for their own interests or to be exalt. A majority of young adults are not big fans of being humble. Humility is defined as lack of confidence, weak, and unfortunately unwise, throughout the years the word humility has redefined. The old definition should no longer be use in this era because now humility is given…show more content…
Humility is often misunderstood and view as weakness, but it’s the opposite. For example, there’s been cases where humble people are often seen in today’s “corporate culture as unassertive, passive types, there’s something truly powerful about them that we can all stand to emulate” (Holmes). Humble people are authentic. They’re not afraid to be themselves. Some people may think that humble people do not disclose who they really are. People hide behind others and are not strong enough to be truthful. In addition, an important part of humility is knowing our own limits, our “strengths and weaknesses, morally or otherwise we are just regular individuals with no good purpose” (Meyer). An example of reminding strong but humble is my grandma although she may be old but she has a tough character, people see her as a normal old lady but that’s not the case as several people tried to take her kindness for granted or even take advantage of her. Consequently, majority of people assume if they are humble people will take advantage of their kindness but we must understand they are the one whom to be effected not them. For humble individuals doing good make them feel better as a person rather than meekness is often under-appreciated. As a result, the secret to “success and fulfillment may very well lie in the ability to express humility”
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