Definition Essay On Identity

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Who am I?
Identity can mean many things. The definition can be as simple as someone’s fingerprint or name. It can be defined as someone 's actions and how they affect other people’s lives. It can even be someone’s interests or their career. The question, who am I, can have multiple answers. So, who am I? For a girl that is more concerned about who she wants to be rather than who she is currently thats a hard question to answer. Identity to her means more than just a fingerprint. Her identity is her persona. She wants to be outgoing. She wants to be the girl that is less concerned about what the world thinks of her. She wants to be the girl that chases after what she wants and gets it. She wants to be more than what society views her to be. The
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And every time you were around large groups of people you felt anxious. Thats exactly how she feels. Its the reason why she hardly speaks. She is so scared about what everyone thinks of her. She would rather not speak at all than to be judged on something she said. The fear of saying something others deem “stupid” constantly plagues her mind. Hiding who you really are is a sad way to live. You can’t really enjoy life this way. So why wouldn’t be able to change this? Especially if it affects her ability to get what she wants in life.

How can such a timid person be so ambitious? What a silly question to a girl that spends most of her time in her head. Of course she’s ambitious. She wants to change her future. She wants to build a life for herself that she will be happy with. Not only that, she wants to be happy with herself for a change. The only way that would happen is if she fought for everything she wants instead of hiding in the corner with her self pity.

A person who is extroverted wouldn’t understand how crippling it feels to be introverted. To them talking is the easiest thing in the world. “Just talk” they say. If it were that simple do you think this girl would be so troubled? I know how it feels. I know what it’s like. I myself have heard many sympathy speeches. I am this
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