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Define jazz in your words
Jazz is a form of expression that does not confine itself to music and expands itself to influence beautiful art pieces––such as paintings, poems, novels and essays––that intellectuals represent themselves in. Is that truly what jazz is? Not really, as it is a culture that has more than one identity, as well as, more than one definition.
Describe jazz
Jazz culture consists of different types of art, but they have many elements in common. Jazz music is truly innovative; the whole existence of jazz defies traditional music structure and attempts to create art out of improvised pieces.
Narrate your experience of jazz
I do not have much experience with Jazz. The first time I was introduced to jazz music was in middle school, when a friend of mine kept bugging me to listen to a “cool music” he had found. At first, I was surprised by the musical composition. It was a chaotic and disorganized piece of music that felt somewhat soothing. In the music, there were different instruments that, at first sounded like they were attacking each other, but soon felt like they were
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During the late 19th century and early 20th century, different minorities in New Orleans came together and performed improvised music for the dancers (“A New Orlean Jazz”). The existence of this diversity in musicians and need to play music by these performers is the main cause such a unique genre of music culture could form. As the jazz culture became widespread, it influenced other parts of art such as novels and poems. It become more than music; it was culture. During the late 20th century, jazz was an important revolution that helped gain minority the recognition and importance it had longed for. With more recognition, African American and minorities could start appealing for more equality with the majority (Early). Jazz was a major influence on the Civil Rights Act that prohibited segregation in

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