Definition Essay On Lifelong Learning

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LIFELONG LEARNING TERM Lifelong learning can be defined as a mindset and a habit for people to adopt and acquire and is a challenge in inventing the future of the society. It requires inventions and integration of new theories and practices and so as to make it important to human life there is need to create reward structures by engaging individuals, groups and organizations in different experiences and making of these new theories. (Ingebly, Ewan and Dawn Joyce Learning to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector London: Continuum International Pub . Group, 2010 Print.) Lifelong learning can also be generally defined as the mode of learning that is undertaken all through one’s life. This learning should be diverse, accessible at all times and…show more content…
It should be as a result or in pursuit of personal knowledge or professional reasons. It allows inclusiveness socially as an active citizen and allows individual development. It also sustains one’s self other than competitiveness and the ability to be employed. This concept was basically introduced in 1971(Bologna Process- Wikipedia). The concept evolved to generally be confined from childhood through classroom and throughout life and in different life situations. Putting this in practice I have dedicated 70% of my learning process to it. This asserts that this are self planned projects. The vast growing technological field and scientific innovation has changed bringing to life a profound effect on the style of learning and needs. Learning ceased to be defined as a place to acquire knowledge in school and apply the knowledge and skills equipped with in workplaces only. Instead learning is nowadays seen as something that is part of our lives in our day to day interactions with the world around us and others. Lifelong learning takes place in formal, informal learning and self-motivated learning. (Holford, John. International Perspectives on Lifelong Learning: Kogan Page, 1998.
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