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Professional makeup can make a big difference in a person 's looks. Makeup can be used for corrective purposes. By using colors to bring out the face. The face can be the overall look besides the type of clothes. In this paper will tell people how to prep, pick tones, what to use, apply make-up, and finishing. Maybe it will help some people how to do neat and nice makeup. But this is mainly for females. Because they are the most ones that wear makeup than males. Men would wear just the powder to do a little cover or take away some of the shine. But other then that men don 't have to wear make up too fast. Makeup is it a Cesery to all women if they are into it. Sometimes it takes us women to use makeup. So we can look just as beautiful on the inside than out. Before…show more content…
Picking the correct oh and color for different skin color and type. There are many different types of foundation. There is a powder or a liquid some would like to use. Those foundations will have a matte, sheer, or dewy look after applying. Checking to see if you pick the right foundation is to use the back of your hand, collar bone, or just applying it to a part of the face. Some women need to think about what type of skin they have. There are different ones: normal, dry, oily, combination, or sensitive of skin types. With dry skin those women should use double-duty foundation, avoid using alcohol-based products, and always me a moisturizer. Oily skin women need to use a foundation that can control oily skin or use a powder instead of the liquid kind. The combination skin type should use a powder in the T-Zone because that is the most oily part of the face. The sensitive skin type should be very careful because they can easily break out. They should use unscented and fragrance-free moisturizer, makeup, and pressed powder. Never use a harsh face wash or soap. If women want to use a concealer shade they should choose a shape that is one tone darker than the skin. It will create a natural-looking

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