Definition Essay On Outliers By Malcolm Gladwell

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When it comes to success, people have their own definitions. Some people may define success as having a job that suits them and by the joy they feel when they are in and out of work. Others may define success as having a surfeit amount of money without the need to be happy at their work. In the book, outliers, Malcolm Gladwell defines success based on the careers of the well-known and rich people and he mentions that they have achieved success because they are the best at what they do. Gladwell also believes that anyone is capable of achieving success if they work hard enough and that the people who are mega-successful such as Bill Gates or Michael Jackson got where they were because of thing such as their geographic locations, their specific college experiences, the opportunities that they were presented with in high school, or even the month that they were born in. Throughout the book, I found myself…show more content…
All of my family members, including I was born in Haiti. I strongly believe that my heritage has a lot to do with how successful I have been throughout my life because my parents have been through a lot in their lives and so have my past relatives who were born In Haiti, therefore they have had a great influence on me to become successful. Although my father worked hard for what he has today, he still feels as if he did not work hard enough because if he did, he would have been in a better position than he is today. My mom went to college in Haiti for all 2 years and graduated, but never attended the extra 2 years that she wanted to attend because of obstacles that got in the way. Both of my parents have talked to me and told me that “if you’re willing to work hard, it does have its rewards”. Looking at my mom and dad’s situation from a Gladwellian lens showed me that hard work is exactly what I needed to achieve my goal in attending college and to become a better track and field
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