Definition Essay On Plagiarism

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Being in high school, you’re bound to hear about or see someone commit an act of plagiarism at least once. In my case, I’ve seen it happen plenty of times. Some of those times, the teacher didn’t require any online plagiarism checker to make sure the student’s work was plagiarized either. All that the teacher would have to do is pick a few sentences, or high level vocabulary words, and ask the student, “what does this mean?”; given no response, the answer was clear. The student plagiarized. After all, we are living in a time where plagiarizing is as simple as copy and paste. The rise of the internet has only made plagiarizing easier; in seconds, students can get hundreds of thousands of results with just a Google search. Consequently, if a student turns in a plagiarized essay or exam, his or her teacher should take action by determining whether it was done intentionally or unintentionally, as well as considering how…show more content…
And to figure out what actually is intentional, we can refer to the definition of the word “plagiarism”. The basic definition of plagiarism is simple, it means to take another’s ideas, and take them as your own. As such, intentional plagiarism is often not hard to find either, if a teacher knows how a student’s performance is beforehand. Before the internet, books were and are still largely available- and though the amount of students who plagiarize have gone up over the years, the definition will not change. Taking the information from an encyclopedia and putting it in your written work is the same thing as copy-pasting something off of an article online, and both are acts of plagiarism without due credit to the person whose ideas are being taken. Copying verbatim is an intentional act, and most high school students should know, if not all know, what plagiarizing is. It means the student acknowledges that he or she has copied someone else’s work for their own
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