Short Essay On Stateless People

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Definition of statelessness
Having a nationality and belonging to a specific country is a natural part of our lives and our communities. But the fact is that more than 10 million people worldwide is declared without a state, due to official removal of their country, consequences of specific actions, done by a specific person, if their country revokes their citizenships etc.
In order to describe statelessness, one needs to understand that there are different types of statelessness. A stateless person is defined stateless by the 1954 Stateless Persons Convention as “ a person who is not considered as a national by any State under the operation of its law”.
The Palestinians living on the West Bank is de jure statelessness. If a person is de jure
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The Zionists accepted this depending on negotiations, but the Arab High Committee denied the proposal of the Peel Commission. As Second World War was coming to a start, there was a three-cornered fight occurring in Palestine, in-between the British, Jews and Arabs. Certain Jewish units agreed at this point to hold off the fights and join the struggle against Nazi Germany alongside Allied troops in Italy and the Middle East. At the same time illegal Jewish immigrants escaping from the Nazis began arriving by boat loads (Takkenberg 1998).
In the middle of the Second World Wars, the strife intertwining Palestine continued amongst Jews, Arabs and the British. The burden was a growing problem for the British, as Jewish and Arab attacks using guerrilla warfare was a very recurrent situation in Palestine. The upsurge of violence and killings, plus the fact that the efforts to put a stop to the Arab insurgency and the illegal Jewish immigration was politically and morally embarrassing for the British population and Britain itself (Takkenberg
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