Definition Essay On Stereotypes

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Stereotype Definition: a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. Stereotyping is a problem, it brings bad reputations entire race, culture, sexualityand genders, and attention needs to brought to this problem. Stereotyping The problem comes when we start to apply those stereotypes beyond that immediate impulse. It is usually ok to think something at first, but maybe change it. For Example: Woman can not do math. This is just not intelligent because in the real world with real logic, everyone is equal and Woman are just as capable as Men. This gives a bad reputation to women making it harder for them to achieve things. Another example of Stereotyping doing bad things is African Americans…show more content…
It is an Issue everywhere that does not seem to be going away, but attention needs to brought to it, the unfair judging of people and categorizing people is just wrong people are different accept and move on. We should learn not to judge and prejudge about people because of what we think they should be like, and focus on what they are actually like. “a study by the Duke University that discovered that positive stereotypes can be harmful in different situations without people realizing they are doing so. In this study the participants were exposed to fake articles related to black people. The first article was positive and showed that black people are better at sports. In this first article the participants didn’t realize this was a stereotype. Next the participants were exposed to a negative article about that black people are more prone to violence. “When asked to estimate the probability that a hypothetical series of people with typically African-American names might commit a crime, people exposed to the positive stereotype rated that possibility as higher than did those exposed to a negative one. The positive stereotype (“good at athletics”) apparently led to stronger negative beliefs about black people than the negative one (“prone to violence”)”. This just tells you anything can be offensive and it is not right to categorize
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