Definition Essay On Stress

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Definition Essay: Stress
Stress is something that people usually tend to consider as a curse. It’s something people grumble about as they hustle into work at an early hour. It’s what people love to hate on, it’s the one connection every human being shares. Many people associate stress as a negative feeling or condition that affects their body and their mind. It is believed to be the phantom behind the tightening of your muscles, the migraine that just won’t go away, the habitual nail-biting.
The cause of stress can be in fact anything, anything that catches a person, which irritates him. For example, external reasons include concern for any reason (job change, death of a relative)
The internal causes of stress include life values and beliefs. This includes personal self-esteem rights.
Stress and depression can be affected by women and men approximately equally. However, each organism has its own
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Many heart attacks and cancerous diseases can stem from stress. It enlarges the blood veins and can affect the blood flow throughout one’s body. To be constantly stressed it not a good thing, in fact, it is very unhealthy. Which is why learning to manage stress is something that is, could, and should be talked about more often between people of all ages. One can make stress their enemy, one can make it their friend. In short, stress is often misunderstood. It’s always talked about in a negative light. Nobody offers a genuine smile when talking about how stressed they are. Society has dubbed stress to be a normal, but nevertheless awful condition. We simply cope with it. But like I said, one can make stress their friend. A person who learns to view stress in a more positive light tends to be healthier, happier, and less-stressed than the regular stressed-out Jo. This is a connotation of stress that most people don’t usually recognize. The more it’s talked about though, the more well-informed and well-off people will
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