Definition Essay On The American Dream

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The American Dream A dream is a vision, a goal where a person believes in achieving. Dreams are a source of motivation and inspiration that help humans get through the day to reach their goals, whether these dreams are achieving a certain career, traveling or finding happiness/love. Without dreams, people lack perseverance and hope to fully better themselves and their future. The American Dream is obtaining real happiness, finding individuality, and reaching aspirations that truly define true success. However in 21st Century culture, the meaning of the American Dream is different, civilization now aims for fame and admiration, where society manipulates the mind into changing one’s perspective. The American Dream was established after the…show more content…
The first and last thing people do when they wake up in the morning and when they fall asleep at night is check their social media accounts. This has gained a huge influence on society, because it has become a part of their life. Social network is an outlet for people to attain popularity and often show a different side to people; especially the ones who present what they feel people want or should see. Instagram is a social network that is used to upload photos and videos. Society utilizes Instagram to upload self-images, known as “selfies” to be recognized by others, gain likes and followers to become “Instagram famous.” Facebook is another popular site that is used today, where someone can post just about anything and anyone is able to look at it. Twitter is another addicting social network that many people are consumed by because it is a way to express ones’ thoughts through images or words in seconds. By using social networks, people try to show that their lives are better than others by posting images or statements. Having Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are used in way to be acknowledged by others. With these social media accounts, people gain millions of followers and likes. And by having more likes and followers, one is considered known and important because many people follow
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