Definition Essay: What Is True Love?

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Love is one of the most misconstrued concepts. Most people interpret love to suit their personal interest. But "true love" is selfless. True love is only applicable in a marriage relationship. Platonic and romantic relationships do not usually exhibit true love. Most of the time, these relationships are based on conditions. I love him because he is caring. I love her because she is pretty. There is always something about the other person that keeps the parties attracted to each other. But true love is when a very pretty and learned lady accepts the proposal of a drug addict. That is true love. True love is when a woman stays in a marriage although her husband continually cheats on her. That is true love. True love is when your parents disowned…show more content…
They lust under the effect of fictitious love. They become so elevated in that emotion. They become so corrupted under their own illusions. And end up confused and dejected when that person walks away from their lives. This kind of love is characterised by heart palpitations, lack of sleep, lack of appetite, and some other strange effects. Love is not lust. This statement goes against what the media teaches the youth today. Most of the youth of today have characterised love around lust and subsequent sex. So whenever they get into a relationship, they lure themselves into sex. Sex was actually created for only married couples. But pop culture has idealized sex to the point that the abnormality of premarital and extramarital sex has grown normal. A relationship based on lust survives as long as both parties remain sexually attractive to each other. Clearly, sex was created for marriage. It was created for enjoyment among married couples. Whenever two people unite in sex, they release hormones which kind of binds them in romantic togetherness. Hence, in a case where a lady has had several sexual partners, there is a likelihood that one of her partners was more aggressive in bed than the others. And so when she gets ripe for marriage and happens to meet her caring husband who's not so good in bed, there is another likelihood that she will cheat on her husband. Either she will
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