Definition Essay On What Makes A Hero

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Have you ever thought about what makes a hero a hero? Heroes are usually pictured as strong, muscular men in tights, but that is not at all what they are. Heroes can also be women or someone scrawny. Heroes are not limited to fighting crime like policemen; they are much more. Heroism is ordinary people doing extraordinary actions, people who follow their hearts in order to do good, but they are not always popular. Heroes are ordinary people who will save other people's lives even if it means losing theirs. For example, my great grandma saw a drunk driver operating the car towards her daughter, so she jumped in front of the car to save my grandma’s life. My great-grandmother’s actions are the reason I am alive today Since my great grandmother jumped in front of the car, I am alive today. My great grandmother is a hero because she saved numerous-future generation lives by saving my grandma. Another act of heroism is shown by a man named…show more content…
One hero is Rick Thorton, a man who is a captain of a boat on Staten Island, New York. When the petrifying event of 9/11 happened, Rick filled his boat and others with as many people as possible and drove them to safety, and he kept coming back because he couldn’t leave the people still stuck on the islands to die. (make that 2 sentences for effect) Mr. Thorton is a hero because he listened (acted on what was the…) to what he thought was the right thing to do for the people. A different historical hero is Mr. Abraham Lincoln. “But the cause he so ardently loved, so ably, patiently, faithfully represented and defended - not for himself only, not for us only, but for all people in all their coming generations…” This quote is showing how Mr. Lincoln was a hero because he followed his morals by helping others and coming generations before himself. While heroes are inspiring people, they are not always famous but average people who do simple
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