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What is a hero? What classifies as a hero? Must a hero be strong or have superpowers? Are there only heros such as Superman and Batman?

A hero can mean different things for different people. For someone a hero can be Superman or Batman, while someone else 's hero can be a celebrity or a sibling. Anybody can be a hero and everyone has a hero. You may actually not know who your hero is, just like me, but you probably have someone to look up to. Some have a hero because they want to be like them. Just as people love for example Ronaldinho, who was and still is one of the best football players, just because they want to be as good as him. But it can as well be your neighbour because the neighbour has been kind and caring. A hero can also be someone who stands up for human rights, just like Rosa Parks did when she stood up for black people by refusing to move away from her seat so a white person could sit down.

Something I’ve noticed about heroes is that nowadays you have a hero
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Usually when you think about the word hero you think about superheros, superheros who are seen in movies and comics. Usually it is a strong man who symbolises this, for example Hercules. He was son of Zeus and had inhuman strength and razor-sharp knowledge. He punished people who were evil and this made him a hero, the stereotypical hero which is a strong man with inhuman powers. But a hero doesn’t need to follow these stereotypical standards. One who doesn’t is David who killed Goliath with only a sling and a rock. When David said that he was going to kill Goliath, he got a whole armor so he could kill him. But David thought it was to heavy, instead he took his own clothes, a sling and some rocks. Goliath didn’t think David could kill him because he was so little but David was smart and killed Goliath without a sword and armor.

So what is a hero? A hero can be anyone and a hero can mean different things for different people. But one thing everybody has in common is that EVERYONE has a

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