Definition Essay: The Different Types Of Cheating

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Cheating is something that is viewed differently by each person. Typically it is viewed as dishonest, untrustworthy, even immoral. The world around us has put a spin on cheating. The world tends to let most cheaters slip by (for example, Tom Brady in the Superbowl "deflate-gate" scandal), while some cheaters (Lance Armstrong) are disgraced, never to be seen in their chosen field again. Even as the world 's viewpoint on cheating may be evolving, mine stays the same: cheating is always wrong.
Cheating is not limited to one field. Academic cheating is the same as cheating in any other field (sports for example). Academic cheating has many forms. Plagiarism is one that many students fall prey to. Some do not even realize that they are plagiarizing.
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Take, for example, a person involved in sports. You have person A who can take performance enhancing drugs, buy extra protein powders, and have a personal trainer; then you have person B who has the same talent level as person A, but cannot afford extra protein powders or a personal trainer and does not take any performance enhancing drugs. When it comes time to try out for the team, person A has a clear advantage over person B. This will lead to more college scholarship opportunities and perhaps even professional opportunities. This is unfair to person B because they had the same talent, just could not afford the cheat methods that person A used.
Although the world has somewhat "gone soft" on cheating, a cheater still faces serious consequences if they cheat. In the case of sports cheating, the cheater can be fined, forced to sit out a specified number of games, kicked off the team, or in the most extreme cases, be banned from the sport altogether. Pete Rose was a famous example of a cheater who got banned after being caught. He was banned from professional baseball after the league found out he had been betting on games that his team was involved in. Furthermore, there have been Olympians that have had medals stripped because of
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