Definition Essay: The Importance Of Guilt

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Each and every one of us has felt guilt in our lives. We all probably feel some kind of guilt on a daily basis. Guilt can control a person’s life if not taken care of. How do you take care of guilt? Is it even possible? To me guilt is when I have done something wrong and I know I have but I keep it inside instead of addressing the person I wronged and asking for forgiveness. Guilt can also still occur after being forgiven by whoever you wronged. We are our biggest enemies that is why I believe forgiving ourselves of our own guilt is the hardest of all. I know after being forgiven by others I still beat myself up about it because I still feel guilty. There are many different types of guilt. Guilt you have about doing wrong to others, guilt about not living up to expectations, guilt you have with God, and guilt that is just between you. Everyone has their own ways of dealing with their guilt. The way I deal with guilt first is to always ask God what to do in the situation. After asking God to work in the situation I then apologize. If the guilt problem that I’m having is with myself God usually reminds me in some way that He the God of the universe the one that created everything loves me and forgives me so why shouldn’t I.…show more content…
It is a very hard concept to learn one that could take a lifetime if ever to learn. Kids will see through my example how to deal with guilt and how to over come it when it creeps in. Guilt is powerful and has the ability to take over your life if you let it. It is essential to forgive yourself and to know that God our heavenly Father loves and forgives us so we should forgive others and ourselves. Don’t let guilt run your
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