Definition Essay: The Importance Of Respect

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Respect Essay Respect; can be defined as a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. A common term when talking about respect is “Give respect to get respect”. To give respect to someone means that you don’t violate them in any kind of way. You give them they’re space and respect their boundaries and others will respect you. The term basically means be respectful to others and nobody will disrespect you. When you receive respect nobody tries to antagonize you or do anything out of the way to you. Respect can be earned and given to someone depending the circumstances. To earn it you have to do things like show leadership, curtesy, and manners. The way respect can be given to you could be by you respecting others from first impressions. Most people…show more content…
Most are selfish and want everything for themselves. They are caught up in the gang violence and guns. They have the “respect game” backwards. They disrespect others so when nobody respects them it is a problem. They also do not respect others opinions. When that action takes place a lot loose respect for them because they are not respectful so why receive it. Some examples on a daily basis people loose respect are when they judge others and mess with the “Special ed”. The reason they lost respect is because they were messing with someone who can’t control their actions and have a disability. Another example on the daily would be when people steal. People loose respect for stealing because they don’t want to get up and go work for it so they steal it and you lose respect for that. This is respect and how to give and get it. This is how you earn it and how I feel like I respect the elderly and others. Also teens need to start respecting adults. Social media is also a problem because people get disrespected all day. Teenagers see this every day on the

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