Definition Essay: The Meaning Of A Name

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Having a name is integral because that 's your identity. Your name is what you will be called by and how people will remember you. Not only that but, your name can even define you because it has a meaning behind it. Some name ls even carry on family traditions and legacies. It having a name could effect a lot of things and cause confusion. Sometimes people even have nicknames for short if their name is long. Having a name is integral, this is because it defines you as a person. You know most celebrities and famous people by there names. This is because you match a face to a name as soon as you hear or say it. For example when you hear Nat Turner or Malcolm X, you automatically know what they look like, who they are, and what they did…show more content…
I think of strong, leader, not afraid, and passionate. I think this because, a name can define who you are as a person, whatever you do is attached to your name. For example when I say Mr. Belin, most students and teachers will think, that 's the man with locs, who 's the seventh and eighth grade science teacher. Your name as well as everyone else 's, has a meaning to it. You can create a meaning to it and that 's how people will remember you. I know most of my friends would think, that 's Kayla, the nice and intelligent one. This is because that 's what I have created the meaning of my name to be, plus so much more. Overall, this shows your name will always define you and who you are. My name and a lot of other people 's come from a long line of ancestors. So, when we have a name we should carry it with much respect. For example majority of my family has their father last name. Meaning in, when people hear Kayla Rowe they think, oh, that 's Michael Rowe 's daughter. He 's a nice man so she must be a nice girl. That 's a tradition I have to carry on because anyone with the last name Rowe, in my family, is mostly known for being nice and respectful. This shows names can carry on legacies or

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