Definition Essay: The Moment Of Silence In Arizona

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There is a common phrase that claims “silence is awkward,” so during conversations, if there is even a moment of silence, someone in the conversation will desperately try to fill it with any type anecdote, fact, question, etc. Due to the all-encompassing popularity of smartphones, people find it completely normal to be visiting with a person or a group of people in person whilst simultaneously sending pictures to someone on Snapchat or tweeting about your day on Twitter. Men are not allowed to display certain emotions; for example, boys learn at a young age that crying in public is considered “unmanly.” It 's perfectly acceptable for a woman to wear a bikini; however, people consider a woman wearing a bra and panties sexual and raunchy in nature. The minute a woman steps onto sand or into water, she’s allowed to be half…show more content…
This upkeep of a front lawn isn’t as common in Arizona, but across America, the image of a “perfect” consists of a perfectly polished -- albeit mostly useless -- front lawn. Whenever a person answers a question like “How are you?” or “How was your day?” the response is either positive or usually nothing less than "okay" when talking to someone other than a friend or family. People feel caught off guard if someone answers “terrible” or “not so great.” In regards to clothing, we feel pressure to wear a completely different outfit everyday. Although the clothes from yesterday may be perfectly clean, people judge others for wearing an outfit or individual article of clothing -- besides shoes and jeans perhaps -- two days in a row or even more than once in a week! People associate carrying a small, convenient bag of items feminine and worthy of derision when men do it. Obviously, people are more accepting when a man carries a briefcase or backpack, but a purse? A satchel? Women solely carry
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