Definition Essay: The Perception Of Christmas

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Christmas evokes many sights, sounds, and smells. (1) It is a holiday unlike any other in that it brings about many traditions and festivities that other holidays do not. (2) Whenever someone says the word 'Christmas', your mind most likely conjures up many different aromas, sounds, and things your family do around that time of year. (3) It is a holiday filled with recognizable characteristics that classify it and bring warmth and cheer to people's homes all across the world. (4) The smells of the Christmas season are certainly distinguishable, and for many, awaken memories of childhood Christmases of yore or good memories of previous Christmas celebrations. (1) The fragrance of a fresh, evergreen balsam Christmas tree being hauled into the house ready to be decorated and enjoyed is a classic smell associated with Christmas. (2) The pleasant aroma of cinnamon and spice scented candles can be smelled every time the door to a shop or boutique opens during the holiday season. (3) The scent of a mother's lovingly prepared Christmas dinner wafting around the house on Christmas morning is one smell to which I look forward. (4) The heady smell of red and white striped peppermint candy canes being eaten by my siblings as they hang up their stockings on Christmas Eve is tantalizing. (5) The different smells of turkey,…show more content…
(1) Christmas seems to make even the most ornery, contemptible person more lively and optimistic. (2) Some of the Christmas smells, sounds, and sights hearken back to childhood, and as you get older, you make new traditions of Christmas sights, sounds, and smells. (3) However, these different traditions and memories are always imprinted in your consciousness, available for you to pull back up in the window of your mind and feel the Christmas spirit whenever and wherever. (4) That is what makes Christmas such a special holiday.
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