Definition Essay: The Power Of Fear

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Fear is an emotional concept that subconsciously runs our lives. FDR once said “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Having fear and being fearful are two fundamentally different ideas. The idea of fear is not a force that is supposed to keep us from doing what we hope for but as a motivator for success.
Fear is the mechanism that instills a sense of respect in one’s mind which in turn acts as an advocate for achieving success. With a healthy trepidation, one strives for accomplishments in life because of the fear of not becoming the person one hopes to be. The successful person utilizes fear to drive their dreams. It is the aspirations of success that can help one who has become overwhelmed and fearful, to master his or her emotions. The idea of fear is simply diminished by the idea of success and respect. Revering fear is regarded as one longing for the success, self-control, and superiority that can only be achieved by living up to one’s own expectations and potential.
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In Christianity many people would agree that they are fearful of God. It is not a fear of God himself, but a fear of his omniscient power. Christians know they do not need to fear God’s wrath, however, the loss of His grace and favor frightens them to the core. In the Bible, Jesus’ life is the example and model for many emotions. Nonetheless, there is an absence of fear. Fear has no presence in Jesus’ life because He is living his life as God himself would. The powerful wrath of God, which is seen through the plagues on Egypt and the falling of the walls surrounding Jericho, does not discomfort Christians because they feel as if they are behind this powerful
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