Definition Essay: The Two Most Common Use Of Stress

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From being interviewed for a job to losing one, stress is everywhere in life. Many are even familiarized with stress on a daily basis. In high school, students face high stress levels due to excessive expectations from parents and large workloads. Stress is the body 's way of responding to demands placed on the brain. Despite having several definitions, the more common use of stress is categorized in two different ways: eustress and distress.

Stress is defined as "accentuation" in many thesauri and is used when speaking to others. This stress is used on words, generally, to emphasize the importance of the word or phrase by changing tone or visually highlighting. However, stress is more often referred to as the natural reaction that every living being faces when encountering any form of challenge in the brain. Daily activities offer minor hassles that the brain has to deal with before it can focus fully on new objectives.
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The word stress came from England in the fourteenth century according to Merriam-Webster, but was originally formed from the word strictus in Latin. The term was originally used to explain afflictions and calamity, only later in the sixteenth century was it used to exaggerate words or phrases. It took time to develop stress, but currently the expression is used daily in multiple ways.

The kind of stress that causes people to improve themselves or make better decisions is known as eustress. Good forms of stress can come from situations as buying a new home. Committing to something as big as purchasing a new home can make buyers nervous about what they are getting themselves into. Reflection on the choice of buying a new house leads to more suitable amenities and fewer consequences. Facing the stress that comes with buying a house or having a child brings out the more intelligent, reasonable side in

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