Definition Essay: What Does It Mean To Be Happy?

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Happiness is yet another word that might be hard to define or understand. We can get all scientific and say that happiness occurs when certain chemicals reach specific levels then finally trigger the brain to reach the nervous system. That is when we then feel “happy”. Nonetheless, it is still unclear to why this happens. There are several different types of happiness we all experience different feelings. What we do know is that we all seek happiness. Societies concern is too many of us struggle with being happy. Let’s go further into depth to grasp the meaning. Importantly, what does it mean to be happy? We know it is an emotion we have all felt at one or many points in life whether it was on Christmas morning or you simply earned an A on your exam. Happiness is an astonishing emotion that changes our mood for a simple moment or even a lifetime. When happy you feel as if you are on cloud nine with not a worry in the world. Just as though, all your concerns are vanished for that slight moment. Happiness has the effect to take control over oneself in the finest way possible. Over all there are not at all enough ways to describe the feelings of happiness. One saying I will eternally live by is by Albus…show more content…
Happiness can be viewed from many perspectives. Individuals display their happiness in countless ways, could be having someone to speak to on good and bad times, happy relationships, passing an exam, having your loved ones alive and healthy can be happiness to you the list goes on. It all comes down in the way you view things in life. In my opinion it is about the energy you display or attract. When you give off positive energy into the universe you attract positive energy in return. Good thing start to happen you might pass test or attract positive people. Happiness and positively go hand in hand. Like pen and paper. It’s all about your mindset you are in

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