Definition Essay: What Is An American?

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What is an American? Americans,there really isn’t any one way to describe an American. All the people in this country are so different in so many ways. Although there are many stereotypes that call all Americans lazy, obnoxious, rude, stupid, racist, gun-lovers, etc. even though that it does describe some Americans, it cant be applied to most of them. Like I said, Americans are all so different. We all have different cultural backgrounds, personalities, traditions, beliefs, etc. One thing that all Americans have in common is the opportunity to make themselves better and become anything they want to be. Any American can have any job they want, no matter what ethnicity, gender, or race. Freedom is another thing that all Americans have in common. Anyone can express their opinion…show more content…
Everyones ancestors worked hard to get to this country. Many started with nothing and had to work their way up in society. I think that is pretty amzing to think about, all the people that came to America, to a place they weren’t fimiliar with, and made all of it work. There are many days out of the year that we use celebrate important days in Americas past, and all Americans reconize those days. A big one is independence day, which is on the fourth of July. Independece day is celebrated by Americans because in 1776 on July fourth the USA declared independence from Great Britain. Another day is Memorial day, which is on the last Monday in May. We celebrate Memorial day to commemorate Americans who fought for their country and died. The last one i am going to tell you about is Labor day, which is celebrated on the first Monday in September. The reason we have labor day is to remember all the hard working Americans and to give them a break from their work. I think that a lot of Americans take what they have for granted, because they don’t realize how lucky they are. I think being an American should be a privilege to all

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