Definition Essay: What Is College Important?

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What is college? Why even go to college? Those are two great questions that both need to be answered. College is schooling that comes after high school that mainly focuses on whatever subject that a student chooses as his or her major. The second question can be a little more complicated because everyone has their own reasons, and now, I will tell you my reasons for why college is important. The reasons that college is important to me are the college experience and job availability. When I say job availability, I’m not saying that you can’t get a job without a college education, but it is increasingly easier to get a job with one. In most cases, in order to be competitive in getting jobs like doctors, architects, and scientists, but in other cases, it pays to have some sort of college education, because someone with a college degree is more likely to get hired for a job than someone who doesn’t have a degree. Those with a college education are usually paid more than those without a college education and you don’t need stats to figure this one out. Between a…show more content…
College is important to me personally, because it will teach me how to become an adult. When you’re in grade-school, you live with your parents/guardian and you rely on them to keep you in order. You depend on them to tell you to clean your room, call the school to mark you sick, provide your meals, and set restrictions on what you can and can’t do. When you go to college, however, you are mostly on your own. In order to succeed on your own, you must take responsibility for yourself. You need to set the alarm and force yourself out of your slumber as well as well as go get your food from the school. It’s your choice what you do with your time unsupervised. The college experience forces you to be accountable of everything that you do and that is what I need in order to survive in the world as an
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