Definition Essay: What Is Religion To Me?

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What is Religion?
To me, religion can have different meanings depending on the individual. Of course there is the textbook definition or the definitions you can find in various dictionaries, but I believe most people have a general idea in their head what religion means to them. To some people when the word religion pops up they automatically think about organized religion as a whole, but others think about specific religions common in their geographic location, such as Buddhism. Then there is the people who see religion as more of a way to conform to moralistic thinking, or a way of living a certain way. Just like a lot of individuals, I have my own definition and I am going to share what I think religion is with you.
Starting out as a young boy, my grandfather used to always try to get me involved in church. I remember when I was in the first grade, my grandpa
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For some people it can be the only reason for existence. These are the people who dedicate their whole lifes to move up in a church or please god by doing things for their religion. For example, monks that spend all their time in religious obedience. For other people it can be a median to their problems or sense of awareness. They feel a certain way, then go to church and feel like they are individually spoken to, so in a way they feel a sense of relieve from their problems, and comfort for the awareness they feel they have about themselves. Next there is people like me who have their own definition of the role it plays. Then finally there is the people who use religion as a mechanism to gain followers for various reasons, to make money, or to push agendas around the country and even potentially the globe. I believe that it all depends on the individual, their environment, and the influences around them that tell the role of religion in different
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