Definition Essay: What Is Trust?

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Trust. What is trust? Can we belive or trust someone 100% in all time? Trust is where a person will likely feel comfortable by giving or relying hopes on each other. A good relationship starts with people trust each other. However, can we maintain it? Can we build a trust again after we or they broke it? Let 's find out. First of all, trusting people can sometimes be important on work so we can cooperate with them. One thing we need to realize is that trust is the main thing that makes it possible for organization or companies to do their work. But, trusting on a person we don 't really know is actually not a wise thing to do. People will likely often lying to us because we don 't what they 're thinking. They will take advantage and can control us. Trust is a very valuable…show more content…
Secondly, to maintain a trust is very difficult. And when we can 't maintain our trust means that there 's slightly a chance that the relationship will not go on very well. But, can we build a trust again, after we broke it? Well, i will tell you straightly. When you and your friend/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend didn 't go well like you used to be and both of you starts to make a reason to not to trust you again, it 's clear that your relationship is over. And to obtain someone 's trust is not very easy, my friend. Trust is like a chain, when you broke it you can 't make it back like it was before. So, it is crucial to maintain trust with someone. Especially your beloved ones. And lastly, trust means that you relying hope on someone. When that person doesn 't fulfill your hope, you will likely stop trusting them again. And eventually you will not talk to that person anymore. As for the conclusion, we musn 't play with someone 's feeling. There is a saying that says, "A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on it 's own ability to fly with her beautiful wings". It means that, the only thing you can 100% trust is

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