Definition Essay: What It Means To Be Annoying

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What it Means to Be Annoying Before I start I would just like to prepare you, my dear reader, for this essay might be the most annoyingly agonizing essay ever written. I encourage you to read the whole thing with only occasional sighs and moans that may help you endeavor this calamity. Well now, shall we get started? Once upon a time I was a stupid twelve year old who was supposedly an “annoying kid.” Everyone, adults, teachers, classmates, friends, family, would dread me. You could say I had multiple areas I needed to work on. I asked too many questions, talked too much, too loud, “always never paying attention!” Yes, I was an annoying little shit. As I grew up with hatred and discouragement all from this one phrase, I no longer felt like a person but just a word and that word was “annoying.” So then I threw out the old me and learned to contain myself, which I have always regretted. Because when I found myself I realized annoying wasn’t me I was annoying. So if you’d please listen now because annoying is coming you’re way with a whole other meaning. First and foremost, annoying people “can’t shut up.” They talk a lot without stopping. Spreading ideas and interests…show more content…
They are so wrapped up in happiness and joy that they can’t see that they are irritating others. They have no filter, no volume dial, and no reason to need any of those things. They laugh and yell when appropriate to them. This is not meant to be rude but meant to express their feelings in an open way. But apparently “real life” is not open and not free. “Real life” silences people to make room for appropriateness. Annoying people can’t understand this because they are busy living what is called their annoying lives where the main character is them and no one else. Is that rude? Maybe, but annoying people don’t understand anyways so it doesn’t
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