Definition Essay: What Makes A Good Person?

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There are different ways to define “good.” You could say that someone is good at sports or singing, but that doesn’t mean they’re good person. Neither does it mean they are a bad person either. Being a good person is doing what’s right, and being kind as well as generous, some would say it’s your personality that makes you a good person. Well, why should someone be good, if there is no law you have to follow telling you to do so?
There is a simple answer to this question: it is the right thing to do. Being good can have positive outcomes, whether it makes more people want to be around you, or it improves your life and increases your happiness. Being a bad person will make people not want to be around you, and can have negative outcomes. If you are a truly good person, people will hold more respect for you. You can also view the world differently or better, you would be able to tell the difference better between bad or good people, because you know, from experience, what being good is like.
Are people born a good person, or do they have to become a good person? You are technically not born good, because you don’t know what being good, or even being bad, is or is like. You could be raised badly, therefore you could become a bad person. However, if you are
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How do you be good? Kindness, generosity, and honesty are three of the most important aspects in being a good person, and if you want to be a good person, having these three traits are a great place to start. If you’re a good person, you know you try to stay positive, even in bad situations. It is always best to spread your goodness and positivity to others as well, because it can rub off on others, even if it’s just as simple as a smile. In addition, being a good person can make you happier and feel better about yourself, especially if you are helping others. Never is it a bad idea to put others before
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