Definition Essay: What Makes A Successful Life?

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Success is like giving a gift: it is not about how much money its worth, but rather the amount of happiness it brings. Expensive cars, big houses, luxurious vacations are characteristics of what society would deem a “successful life.” In most cases, people judge the level of success one attains in life by the amount of digits that precede the decimal point on one’s paycheck. These standards for “success” are only maintained by small amounts of people, leaving a myriad of people in our society classified as “unsuccessful.” However, this is clearly not the case. These standards for labeling success are misguided and erroneous. Rather, success in actuality is based on the level of happiness you attain in life. Society labels success purely…show more content…
For a pet owner, success can be obtained by finally teaching Fido to pee outside. For a farmer in Alabama, success can be obtained gathering enough crop to host the annual holiday party. For a kid in Colorado, success can be obtained by skiing a black diamond for the first time. For some, like DJ Khaled success is obtained by sharing priceless wisdom with followers on social media. Success is as unique as the person trying to achieve it. In my life success is achieved by rafting at Del Mar every day during the summer, playing impromptu tennis games on the weekends, learning how to kick a field goal with my friends, going skydiving with my whole family, fixing my car with my dad, going to Wings and Things after football games, making raps about going to Wings and Things after football games, and spending as much time with my friends and family as possible. These are the standards of success that I have set for myself that will allow me to be the happiest I can be. What standards do you set for yourself? Success should not be limited to a minute portion of our society, but rather equally available for all. Not everyone can be rich in an economic sense, but everyone can be rich in happiness. True success is defined by one’s level of happiness in
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