Definition Essay: What's The Meaning Of Life?

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What exactly is the meaning of life? In a few words people might say life is scary, because it is. Life is scary, sad, beautiful, amazing etc. There are so many words, someone could use to describe life. There isn’t one person that I’ve met that doesn’t want a happy, healthy and meaningful life. Life IS hard. But on the other hand life is beautiful! Life has it’s ups and downs. And to be completely honest life in this world is NOT perfect and it never will be. There isn’t a single person on Earth that is perfect.

That’s what being human means we’re not perfect, we make mistakes and we’ll continue to make mistakes until we learn from those mistakes that we make. I think of the day you are born till the day that you die our life has meaning.
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Furthermore life is limitless. Do not take life for granted and more important do not waste your time while you are here. Take the opportunity while you still here to go back to college or if you didn 't finish high school go back so you can say “I finally accomplished something in my life and I don’t have to regret that for the rest of my life that I didn’t finish what I started.”

“Not too surprisingly, our relationships with other people are related to both how happy we are as well as how meaningful we see our lives.”
“Meaningfulness, in contrast, seems to have more to do with giving, effort, and sacrifice. It is clear that a highly meaningful life may not always include a great deal of day-to-day happiness.”
Paragraph 5, first sentence, also from the same site paragraph 7: third and fourth sentences.

“Feeling good most of the time might help us feel happier, but it doesn’t necessarily bring a sense of purpose to our lives.” 3rd paragraph 7th
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