Definition Essay: Who Is A Hero?

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I think we all do hero quick things, but a hero is not a noun, it is a verb, says Robert Downey Junior Iron Man actor. You may know him for being made of steel, or having the ability of superstrength… But does that mean he is a hero?in my opinion, a hero is in someone who fights bad guys, it is that special someone who takes that extra step to make you smile. That is my hero
A hero from when we were young to when we are old, will always be someone who goes through hardships, faces danger, and does The task no matter how strenuous it is. A heroes traits are different for everyone but the only thing they all require is the same determination to accomplish a goal. Every person has it in them to achieve the act of influencing others. We need heroes to lift us up when we are falling down. We need heroes to save us from the villain next-door. We need heroes to into us, to make an impact. In order to complete the tasks there is not one specific
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A hero is measured by the strength of their heart not their muscles. You can be the hero someone else 's story, or your own. You can be black or white, taller short, or powers or no powers. Everyone has the intent to inspire, teach, and give, which is my hero and yours. Audrey Hepburn was a selfless human being, used her fame to inspire her fans to give back to others who do not have the ability to give them selves. A historical figure Frederick Douglass one said it 's easier to build strong children then to repair broken men former slave African-American he was an inspiration for teaching himself and others who were treated unfairly in the circumstances of slavery. Bill Gates is a multi billionaire in fact if he gave all of his money to every single person in the world everyone received $11. But he didn 't use his money for that nonsense, he used it to help schools, Businesses, and charities. Being a hero doesn 't have to involve working as a marvel character, it is having a good character, your own

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